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Our manufacturers include: Heartwood Architecture for the Birds, Lazy Hill Farm Designs, and Home Bazaar Birdhouses and Birdfeeders.

You will find each manufacturer to be unique, each one offering long lasting birdhouses and birdfeeders. We love to watch the wild birds in our backyard. It is so easy to invite the most beautiful and elegant creatures to live in your backyard. All it takes is providing shelter, food, and water. We think our most beautiful birds are the cardinals, the vivid red birds. What a pretty red they are. We offer two manufacturers of birdhouses for you. You will not see the quality of these birdhouses being offered for sale just anywhere. And you will be one of the few who has such high quality long lasting birdhouses and bird feeders in their yard or business.

We truly value our customers and hope that you value us to. We promise to do everything possible to make you happy so you will come again and buy another product from us. We are truly in the business of accumulating good loyal customers. Doing so is vital for our business. For this reason, we have started our Loyalty Program. Look into this program, you may want to join! Click on the Loyalty Program button on the top of this page. Thanks to all our loyal customers out there!

Special for our bird lovers: Shipping is free on ALL Birdhouse Store Products sold OVER $100 for 2013! IN ADDITION, ALL THE HOUSES AND FEEDERS ON OUR HEARTWOOD AND LAZY HILL PAGES ARE COMPLETELY SHIPPING & HANDLING FREE!! When you compare our low prices and our free shipping offer, you will find us to be the BEST VALUE for you. Plus buy from us and you will pay absolutely no sales tax (except Oklahoma residents).

On the left is The Copper Mansion from Heartwood Architecture for the Birds, a very popular birdhouse. Click on the Heartwood button on top or bottom of this page to read more about it.





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